Best Lobster Rolls in New England!

Best Lobster Rolls

Lobster Fresh from the Atlantic Ocean Served Naked, lightly frisked with mayo and accompanied with drawn butter and a lemon wedge.

If you want to experience lobster roll perfection drive to Southern Maine and land at Foster's Clambake. With freshly caught, steamed and picked lobster, Foster's serves the best lobster roll on the east coast.

Bowl of best clam chowder in maineAdd a cup of Foster's famous clam chowder and your Maine experience is complete!


Why Maine has the BEST Lobster in the World:

Although lobster can be found in many locations around the world, authentic Maine lobster has a variety of features that put it in a category that far exceeds the rest.

Maine lobster is most easily identifiable by its size in comparison to other species of lobster. Compared to its leading commercial competitor, Homarus gammarus (the lobster found primarily along the western European coast), Maine lobster is fuller, weighing an average of one and a half to two pounds, nearly double the average size of its European rival. In addition to this, authentic Maine lobster outdoes other varieties in the percentage of claw meat you get for the size. Authentic Maine lobster has always been known for the size and flavor of its claw meat. This means that in choosing Maine lobster, you get the succulent, tender meat, you desire from your lobster and more of it!

Couple the quality of the product with the history of dedication and expertise you get from the Maine lobstering industry, and you can easily see why Maine lobster has been named “The Best Lobster in the World!